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Charizard Wooden Resin Card

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The world of Pokémon comes alive with the 3D laser cut wooden cards. 3D effect with incredible details. Get your favorite Pokémon now with this great replica made from beautiful walnut natural wood and basswood. No details have been overlooked. The 3D Pokémon Charizard is laser cut to give a stunning laser etched and engraved wooden replica. Then the background is filled with a metallic resin epoxy finish to really show it off unlike any other way. It is a laser cut piece of high quality walnut and basswood assembled into an amazing 3D replica.

If you're looking for something different to give to your favorite Pokémon lover then a wooden card is a great gift! It's handmade, so it is one of a kind; there isn't another like it in the world.

Don't Miss Out on this great gift for Pokémon fans and collectors alike! This is the perfect gift for any Pokémon fan out there who wants to show off their favorite Pokémon from the 1st generation.

This Charizard Wood card has the amazing characteristics of CARDS KNOWN TO ONLY A FEW! 

Premium Quality! Each card is individually laser cut from wood and are then 3D carved and sanded/polished to a smooth finish! Walnut and Basswood are natural organic materials that will change with time as they age and are exposed to the elements. This card is perfect for any occasion and is sure to impress your friends and fellow gamers!

This is a full hand-crafted replica of the original Pokémon Charizard. Made from  layers of walnut & basswood hardwoods, this 3D Charizard Card looks stunning and gets high marks for quality & uniqueness.

With the hand made nature of the product please allow up to two weeks for me to make and ship.

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